Prospecting for gold mineralization using remote sensing and GIS technology

Prospecting for gold mineralization using remote sensing and GIS technology

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As mineral exploration and mining activities have increased over the past two decades, prospectors are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that can help them identify mineral reserves in a faster time frame and at reduced costs. Today, there are a variety of remote sensing tools available to exploration geologists, including one of the most widely used, remote sensing technology, which has been used in various aspects of Earth science, geography, archeology and environmental sciences, and more recently in prospecting for minerals, especially gold.

Earth scientists have focused on global experiences in environmental geology, mineral and hydrocarbon exploration using remote sensing data, and now frequently, on the use of gold projection. In the early stage of remote sensing technology development (1970s), geological mapping and mineral exploration were among the most prominent applications.

Remote sensing images are applied to mineral exploration in mapping geological features, such as fractures and faults, that host mineral deposits; and mapping of hydrothermal alteration minerals using their spectral characteristics, but in conjunction with GIS, the discrimination of hydrothermal alteration sets and their distribution is an important part in the exploration of hydrothermal mineral deposits and the generation of the mineral deposit model. more appropriate mineral.

Multispectral remote sensing data, which LASE uses, has long used it for geological mapping in arid regions. Lithological mapping and the recognition of hydrothermally altered minerals through remote sensing instruments have been used widely and successfully for the exploration of epithermal gold ore deposits, copper porphyry, massive sulfide, chromite, magnetite, and uranium.


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