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Latam Advanced Smart Exploration (LASE) is a joint venture, a long-term strategic partnership between Latam Investment Group (LIG), a company widely recognized in the development of small-scale mining projects with safe extraction of metals and non-metals based in more than 10 countries in Latin America, and Advance Smart Exploration (ASE), and collaboration with teams of high-class scientists and professionals, research centers, which has developed innovative technologies for the search and investigation of mineral deposits.
Remote Earth sensing technologies (satellite technologies through satellite image processing) for mineral prospecting, complex data interpretation, decoding of thematic information, innovative and traditional geophysical search methods and technologies, integrated search systems based on the use of UAV / UAS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Unmanned Aerial Systems) and has achieved a wide projection in the international market in recent years.
LASE's objective is to develop innovative exploration projects of mineral deposits using new and modern technologies that are capable of facilitating the BOT (Build / Operate / Transfer) investment processes of small, medium and large investors, reducing the risk factors of the exploration phase as it is carried out using highly effective methodologies that allow estimating more accurate returns than traditional methods.
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